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You loved me once.
When I was little.
You held me so tight.
You made me feel safe.
I knew nothing could hurt me as long as I was with you.
I knew I could never love anyone as I love you.
And I knew you loved me too.

But then I grew up.
The arms that once held me tight now push me away.
I'm not little anymore.
I once felt safe.
Now I'm afraid.
Of you.
Of everyone.
Everything hurts me now.
Especially you.
Your words rip through me like a knife.
Look at the blood.
Your love has transformed.
You don't see it.
But I do.

You tell me to be strong.
And when I am, you say I am not compassionate.
You tell me it's okay to cry.
Yet when I do, you tell me I'm weak.
You tell me to think.
Yet when I do, you tell me I'm stupid.
These words slice me.
Lacerate me.
My blood is draining.
But I must clean it up.
I must clean it or I'm nothing but a dirty pig.
Wallowing in my own filthy blood.

You tell me to compromise.
But you won't.
You feel you do not have to.
Everyone must conform to you or you want nothing to do with them.
You are everything.
I had better agree.
Or you'll leave me.

Don't leave me.
You are my everything.
I can not live without you.
You know that.
That is why I am the one who must compromise.
There is no freedom for me.
I am a captive animal.
And I will do as you please.
Because that is what I was trained to do.
You trained me well.
I can not love anyone as I love you.
Even if you do not love me back.
You can not love me back.
Maybe someday you will love me as you once did.
In another life.
Another time.
Another place.
Another universe.

But not now.
Now I am yours.
My love is yours.
That will never change.
I will not outgrow my love for you.
In my death, I will forever be yours.
Forever loyal.
But I will always wish.
Always hope that someday
You'll love me again.

You try to love me.
You try.
My desires for physical things are fulfilled by you.
Everything I want, you give it to me.
But at what cost?
The love is not the same.
Could never be the same again.
The physical desires are not the same.
They come with a terrible price.
Your hatred.
Take it back.
Take it all back.
The physical things taste of bitter ashes.
When compared to the love you once had for me.
The love I no longer deserve.

I'm bleeding again.
Isn't red a pretty color?
Please don't yell.
I'll clean it up.
I promise.
I just want you to love me.

Will you love me again
Once all the blood is gone?
Dark literature inspired by a fight with a close loved one.
The first thing that strikes you when reading this is the mystery of the person who has hurt you so. In a world filled with hypocrites it would seem as though this one has caused you a lot of pain and it can be felt in every line of this poem. Its intensity is well balanced with the pain you are conveying. Perhaps the most defining stanzas of this poem are the last two. The play on words works beautifully. In this world there is plenty of pain to go around and this poem is personable for its audience. I hope you are doing well despite the argument with a loved one. You put your energy towards a well done piece. Best wishes.
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pigeonoffreedom Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Student Writer
This poem is so interesting, when you read it you simply can't figure out who this person is, for me this person is a lover, you were little at the beginning of the relationship, but as time passes you grow, you grow attached to him and can't live without him.
fideIity Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014
It's so amazing... owo
so sad
I feel like crying 

So beautiful
<3 ,3, ,3,#<,3,<#<,w3

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July 27, 2014


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